Self Catering 3 Stars

Elm Cottage Kippford

Self Catering Holiday Practicalities

Welcome! Your holiday at Elm Cottage - download the PDF .

A copy of these details is always in the house.

elm cottage - kippford on the solway firth

The following information aims to ensure that you enjoy your holiday in Kippford on the Solway.


The central heating system is oil fired and the timer is pre-set to allow you heating both morning and evening. If the weather is poor there are additional heaters in bedrooms and a log stove in the sitting room. Lots of logs in the lean-to shed behind the garage.


Is included in house rental.

Emergency Lighting

A torch can be found on the window ledge in the back kitchen.

Hot Water

Water is heated by the central heating system and should be adequate for the average family. Water can be boosted by the immersion heater. The switch is to the left of the window in the TV room. The Electric Shower Room offers hot water at all times.

Log Stove

When lighting use newspapers (plenty in the box in the back kitchen) and dry kindling. Firelighters in basket. I suggest that on your walks you 'womble' for dry wood to keep up supplies.

Logs for the stove are stored in the shed behind the garage. Do not rake the ashes too much. The fire does better on a decent bed of ash. Open the flue below the fire door when lighting and close when well lit.

Do not, on any account, pile logs to dry round the stove. We've already had one fire when someone tried this.

Coal can be purchased at the Garage in Dalbeattie.

Kitchen Equipment

The kitchen is well equipped with electric cooker, dish washer and microwave oven. All very straightforward to use. The stock cupboard has various staples like flour, sugar, salt, herbs and spices etc. Feel free to use these rather than buy the infuriatingly small amounts necessary for holiday cooking.


The washing machine is situated to the right of the sink in the back kitchen.

Tumble drier to right of sink - clean filter regularly.

Pegs in basket, clothes line in back garden.

Iron and ironing board in back kitchen tall cupboard.

Shower Room

The electric shower is switched on by pulling the switch cord to the right as you enter. Try not to fiddle with the knobs on the shower. People keep destroying it!!.

Downstairs Bathroom

If using the shower in the bath - TAKE CARE, HOT WATER CAN BE VERY HOT. We recommend you use the ventilator in this bathroom when having a bath or shower, as it does not come on automatically with the light.

Upstairs Bathroom

The shower is simple to use. The water pump is very powerful so suggest you run it as low as you can. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LET IT RUN TOO HARD OR THE OUTLET DRAIN WILL NOT COPE WITH WATER AND THE SHOWER TRAY WILL FLOOD.


If you have ordered bed linen, it will be laid out for you. All duvets and pillows have dust covers. Extra blankets are in the chest in the sitting room or in the cupboard on the upstairs landing. Towels will also be laid out. Please do not take towels to the beach. Old towels in Airing Cupboard in TV Room

First Aid Kit

The First Aid Kit is in the cupboard under the basin in the downstairs bathroom.


TV reception is poor, we are in a black hole, and we therefore have only a small TV and DVD player with Digibox.

Computer Access

See under telephone table in sitting room


There is a selection of games in the chest of drawers to the right of the main fireplace in the sitting room and also in the cupboard in the downstairs TV sitting room.


Wheelie bin is at the back door. Black bags are in the back kitchen.

Please bag all rubbish .. it makes it more pleasant for the cleaning lady.


Septic Tank

If you want to have a happy holiday treat the septic tank with respect.

Please bag and bin all disposable waste.


You may park your car at the back of the house, behind the garage or tucked in front of the garage door. Please respect neighbour access to garage at the top of the lane.

Fire Extinguisher

In the event of fire, extinguisher to left of back door. Fire blanket in kitchen.


Dogs are welcome as we would not be without ours. Please note however that we require that they be exercised outside the garden, that they are not allowed upstairs and should sleep in the back kitchen. All of which is no more than a basic hygiene requirement. Please check the garden for dog poo before you go... the next visitor may have young children who want to play in the garden!.


Incoming calls only or use of telephone in emergency. Tel no 01556 620 260

Public Telephone box by the shop in village.

Mobile Reception very mixed.. you may end up on the beach!

Visitors Book

We invite you to sign the Visitor's Book. Tell us where you’ve been, what you’ve seen and any good tips for things to do, places to eat…


Please let us know about any breakages so that we can replace before our next visitors arrive. If any equipment breaks down do contact us immediately either via the agent or at 01387 730 210.


We provide cleaning materials, vacuum, mop etc. in the back kitchen and a vacuum cleaner in the cupboard under the stair.

Please leave the house the way you found it.